Audio Engineer | video editor | Digital media production
Coextensive Lata performance

Live Electroacoustic Performance at Concordia University

Joanne Mitrovic: live visuals using a drawing tablet and laptop to correlate colour frequency and sound frequency

William Graham-Simpkins: keys/various modulations through laptop running FL Studio/AKAI Professional EIE audio interface/M-Audio Oxygen49 MIDI-controller/M-Audio SP-2 Sustain Pedal

Edison Grove: sequencer, hardware synthesizer

Jessica Guarda: vocals

Marc-Antoine Legault: bass guitar

CLOrk Performance

Led the Concordia Laptop Orchestra

"Vibrations" is a structured improvisational electroacoustic composition using collaborative layered processing of a singular sound source. Inspired by the mechanics of the legendary Hammond tonewheel organ, the primary signal is generated by holding a vibrator (with multiple pre-programmed frequency patterns) up to the magnetic coil pickup of an electric guitar. The signal is the split and distributed to members of CLORK who process the sound using various effects and plugins on their laptops, resulting in individual and unique contributions blending to form a cohesive whole.

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Dead end race promotional video


The Chrysalide Project

Director of music video

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